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Shoebox Podcast

The Shoebox Project Podcast is an adaptation of the most esteemed and marvelous Shoebox Project by Jaida and Rave. Original text can be found archived here by Lomara.  

Jun 17, 2019

It's Halloween! The Marauders dress up and tell spooky stories in the Shrieking Shack. 
Shoebox Project was written by Jaida (@jonesandbennet) and Rave (@_sashayed). Find it archived at

Harry Potter: Andy Gaidry
James Potter: Codi Phillips
Sirius Black: Mandy Hall
Albus Dumbledore:...

Apr 24, 2019

Coming May 6, 2019

Music: Goldberg Variations, composed by J.S. Bach, performed by Kimiko Douglass-Ishizaka